Welcome to RASC - Windsor Centre’s Official Eclipse Information Page. 

This website is intended to give people who live in SW Ontario and people visiting our area an overview of what is so special about the next Total Solar Eclipse to grace our area.

On this webpage some hyper-local spots will be identified with important times and what you can expect in April 2024. We encourage you to check out provided links and learn more about this special, once in a lifetime event.

The photo below is an image of the Sun at the moment of totality as the Moon completely covers the Sun creating an apparent hole in the sky where a slice of the blindingly bright Sun stood just moments before. The bright wispy features are actually a portion of the Sun's outer atmosphere and is only visible during a total eclipse.

*Always use approved Eclipse glasses or camera filters when viewing the partial phases of the eclipse. See ‘How can I Safely View the Eclipse’ for more information.*

I Steve Mastellotto - Totality

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