When is the Total Solar Eclipse?

When is the Total Solar Eclipse? 

The Grand Show happens on Monday, April 8th, 2024, rain or shine…but hopefully we’ll have clear blue skies! 


The above composite by Susan Sawyer-Beaulieu illustrates the inbound and outbound ‘Diamond Ring’ effect the moment before the Sun is fully covered on the outside two photos. The two inner photos show the Suns prominences where the Suns plasma is held aloft by its strong magnetic fields and is visible in the red edges. Note too that in 2024, our Sun will be approaching ‘Maximum’ so the chances of seeing large prominences is greater than it was in 2017. Finally, the center image shows the Suns’ extended corona, which is best visible during a total Solar Eclipse. Again, because the Sun is approaching maximum, the corona may have even more interesting features.

About 1/3 of Essex County and our neighbouring counties will experience the locally rare Total Solar Eclipse. Others in our area, including the City of Windsor will experience a very deep partial eclipse where at least 99.4% of the sun will be hidden behind our Moon. For specific times and locations, please continue reading and see ‘Where can I view the Eclipse’.


RASC – Windsor Centre task force recommends preparing ahead of time to best enjoy the eclipse. This means getting your ISO Approved Solar Filters, as outlined in ‘How can I Safely View the Eclipse

In addition, you should also plan ahead of time where you intend on viewing the action. In our ‘Where Can I View the Eclipse section, we highlight many locations in our area. However, be prepared with the knowledge that your prime location (such as Point Pelee) may be full and you may need a secondary or tertiary location on short notice. It is recommended to show up well ahead of Maximum eclipse so that you don’t miss it as well as not interrupting others who have arrived early to enjoy the partial phases. 

If you are travelling to view the eclipse, either away from our area or visiting our area, be sure that your hotel room is booked as soon as possible! This is especially true if travelling to the US or even Mexico where weather may be more favourable.

Further, if you intend on taking photos, either through your telephoto lens or telescope (or phone!) be advised that any partial phases require some type of safety filter. These may be purchased online either premade or DIY using films such as Baader Astrosolar Safety Film (https://www.google.com/search?q=baader+astrosolar+safety+film). This film WILL sell out as we get closer to the eclipse date, so purchase early.

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